Roosevelt High School

Welcome to Roosevelt High School Art. I’m Natalie Sorenson, filling in for Ms. Carmany.

These 3 classes: Graphics, Exploring Visual Arts, and Painting 1, cover fundamental skills while offering an introduction to a wide range of works. We will apply the Principles and Elements of Art and Design along the way, analyzing existing works, and students’ assignments.


Graphics, the digital core of illustration, type, and web design, is used in every facet of our visual world in print and on virtual platforms. The skills learned here are used on countless digital applications across the industry.

Pen tool practice

Mr. Potato Head

Minimal movie posters

Vector portrait

Typography posters

Geometric low poly animal


In EVA we explore art from behind a pencil, analyzing the elements of art in a variety of existing works, while we explore line-based, and value-based projects created by the students.

About me

Identity grid


Texture and Value studies

Living object drawings

Watercolor wheel

Watercolor studies

Complex final project: Choice media, or mixed


Painting 1 students have an opportunity to strengthen their drawing skills before moving into watercolor—which is ideally suited to mastering blending, practice color matching, and layering to achieve realistic depth. Later projects put skills into action, and are a segue into acrylic painting.

Color wheel

Value study

Pure color, Shades, Tones, and Washes

Neutrals and techniques

Color studies incorporating a technique

Watercolor choice painting

Acrylic color matching