PMC Empath Ring

Among the new techniques added to JOE’S Garage is Precious Metal Clay—that magical substance that molds like dough, but fires into fine silver works of tiny art.

Slow drying PMC Silver clay is used to mold a memory into fine silver. After curing you will slowly torch fire the dull gray into lustrous fine silver, heating away the organic binder.

You may impress stamps into the soft clay, as in the photo. Names, symbols, leaves, and thumbprints are some possibilities. You may choose, as I have, my Grow Peace stamp as a texture.

Check the calendar for times, and REGISTER for this 2-part class.

Order up!

First Friday Order Deadline 😉

It’s time to JEWELRY SHOP! Get to know RIOGRANDE.COM. I will be putting in an order every month for metals and supplies starting in October. Get me your list! =]


If you’ve taken a class, the Garage is open to you during OPEN STUDIOS for free use of tools you’ve been trained to use, as well as flux and pickle.

You supply the materials for your creation: metals, findings, solder, oh…and saw blades. (You can get solder and blades from me, too.)

There is a lot to be saved by combining our silver, tools, and supplies lists. Quantity equals bulk discounts and much lower shipping, and many of the things that should be on your list just aren’t available within the reach of a day trip.

Solder paste
PMC clay

…if you want to window shop I’ve got the tomes for you! I’ll keep current catalog copies at the Garage, but you are welcome to check out last season’s to take home until the next Open Studio.

Spinner rings: EVERY WEEK


I’m in cahoots with Airbnb. I offer an Airbnb EXPERIENCE every week through November!

Airbnb experiences were designed to offer travelers the inside track to experiencing any location through the eyes of, and in the shoes of, a local host. Airbnb fosters belonging in its home stays and now in its activities!

I chose one of my most popular classes, the Wave Spinner Ring and host it every Thursday or Friday. Registration for these special rate classes, with French press coffee or water, is at

You belong at JOE’S Garage!

3 Together

The original name of this cuff bracelet was 3 Together to accentuate how wonderful differences can be—when they work together. And what a great example this turned out to be!

Each upcycled copper band is textured by you in this class, giving you several skills: adding texture with jeweler’s hammers, creating a pattern of impressions with punch tools, and twisting a piece that has been rolled through a jewelry mill.

Then things get trickier, but also very rewarding, when you heat a silver rivet to ball-up the ends, and then use that to connect your lightly tangled bands into an aesthetic group with old-school made-from-scratch cold connection rivets!

This is a current Community Ed class! Check for new dates and times.