Spinner rings: EVERY WEEK


I’m in cahoots with Airbnb. I offer an Airbnb EXPERIENCE every week through November!

Airbnb experiences were designed to offer travelers the inside track to experiencing any location through the eyes of, and in the shoes of, a local host. Airbnb fosters belonging in its home stays and now in its activities!

I chose one of my most popular classes, the Wave Spinner Ring and host it every Thursday or Friday. Registration for these special rate classes, with French press coffee or water, is at Airbnb.com

You belong at JOE’S Garage!

3 Together

The original name of this cuff bracelet was 3 Together to accentuate how wonderful differences can be—when they work together. And what a great example this turned out to be!

Each upcycled copper band is textured by you in this class, giving you several skills: adding texture with jeweler’s hammers, creating a pattern of impressions with punch tools, and twisting a piece that has been rolled through a jewelry mill.

Then things get trickier, but also very rewarding, when you heat a silver rivet to ball-up the ends, and then use that to connect your lightly tangled bands into an aesthetic group with old-school made-from-scratch cold connection rivets!

This is a current Community Ed class! Check for new dates and times.

Fresh Art Market & Harvest Iron Pour!

Stop by the Bronze Age Art Casting Foundry for the LOCALLY GROWN ART MARKET and Harvest Iron Pour Saturday, September 22!

Wonderfully new! Charming…and unexpected. This day combines the great IRON POUR, with it’s blast furnace building the heat and anticipation for the evening’s molten light show, with the Artist-a-Plenty Locally Grown Art Market, full of authentic and beautiful, and did I say LOCAL(?!) artists—oh, and all their STUFF. Meet them and discuss their unique and extremely varied media. It’s a GROWING thing! =] Let’s support our right brains right here, right next to the FALLS, in the undiscovered BROOKLYN of SD…maybe FOUNDRY VILLAGE, the newest artist quarter of Sioux Falls.


Basic Jewelry Metals Course


Do you want to make jewelry? Do you want knowledge to take away?

If you want to know metallurgy skills so you can apply them to your own work, you are ready for a jewelry course that focuses on this art form and can show you what you want to learn. It will move your creative goals along in the direction you want to go, whether your goals are personal, crafter-related, or gallery and fine art bound. It isn’t intended to entertain, or even to make sure you leave with pretty things (though you will), it’s about SKILLS. Practice and perfection need perseverance and dedication to a systematic program designed to teach those skills.

Stay near home, enjoy JOE’S Garage, and add your creative spirit to what we’re growing here in Sioux Falls.