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impressions of fall

Fall is around the corner, and I couldn’t be more ready! Uh…I could be more ready, but I couldn’t want it to come more. It’s been a busy 2022 and I’d like to get to the next chapter, or maybe start a whole new book! Can I get an “AMEN!”?

I’m going to be doing just a few classes this fall. One is a simple and practical chain that has 3 lengths that can work together or individually. I made it years ago as camp-casual travel jewelry: always ready for anything, and always ready to add a dose of color.

This one is distinctly woodsy. Imagine chanterelle mushrooms, bark, and pale green walnut hulls.

Boho lengths
Bracelet, anklet, and a necklace. OR, a 5-wrap bracelet, OR a double-strand necklace, OR a belly chain, with extra to dangle (Kamarband).

Next is a pressed puff ring. I have been saving impressionables, like baby fern leaves, tiny Locust twigs, and wildflower buds and blooms. After pressing the dried bits into soft, or softened metal, you will form a hefty-looking ring with the help of some good math, and just the right sledge hammer. (I don’t want to give away all my secrets!)

The rings shown have been impressed with texture plates. The charm at the beginning of this article was impressed with a fine dried Locust branch. Either makes wonderful fun!

And finally, 6 lucky ducks will make some incredibly unique and exotic charms from an ancient Korean technique called Keum-boo. The sterling silver is heated to an exact temperature, determined by the blue color of the control steel on the heating surface. Then 14K gold is burnished to the surface, permanently bonding on a molecular level. The gold can be polished and worked after this process. We will be impressing textures, or stamping into the surface.

Hope to see you this fall!

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Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, BEGIN IT. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.

John Anster
I will be teaching only 3 classes this fall. Keum Boo is the permanent application of 14K gold to another metal. I have designed a class that elevates the beauty of distressed sterling, contrasting the gleam of gold. There will be opportunities to add dimension, and texture to your charm series.

Apparently I am a snow bird of creative focus — I switch to painting during indoor months, and migrate to my jewelry studio every April.

For videos of both, check out my You Tube Channel.

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Ethereal Watercolor
Walk through a complete watercolor work. I will demonstrate many techniques that I encourage you to try. They will transform your own work.
Techniques with Intent
I have plotted out many techniques in this sampler, without leaving you high and dry. Each one is applied to a project to give it context, and spark your own creativity.
Brush Test
Here I touch on the importance of PAPER, PAINTS, as well as BRUSHES. The audio is pretty bad, though.

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