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Jewelry, Classes, and a Creative Connection

Get ELEMENTAL with friends and like-minded creatives. Feel unleashed, and equipped to go beyond your expectations at JOE’S Garage.

Make your dreams, learn the skills and techniques to solder, form, and build in this medium. The satisfaction of working an annealed wire, watching the mercury-like spread of flowing solder, or quenching glowing sterling cannot be described…
…anywhere but here!


Find a friend, engage a group! Bring your work friends, or bridal party to JOE’S Garage for an entertainment activity they will remember as long as the fine creation they make. Most classes can be completed in solid silver (fine or sterling) or copper for a lasting end product.

After taking a look at some of the class options I encourage you to give me your thoughts. Let’s design your perfect class!

“I loved the class! I thought (Natalie) did an excellent job explaining the process, answering questions, trouble shooting and giving each participant one-on-one time.

I look forward to your future classes and I think the ladies and I will visit your open studio soon. And your music selection was on point!”

—Amber Clements

“Yeah!!!! Thank you so much. One of the things I miss most about FSD is Joe’s garage!! …Truly …and, every single one of those gals still wears and talks about making those bracelets.”

—Ann Vidoloff

“Was a Great Class!  And was Fun.  We also made some new friends.  I loved the class. Natalie was wonderful!”

—Lenore Johnson

“Such a fun class!  Look forward to the next… I think we had the perfect size of class to use all the tools and your studio rocks!  What a great success, an awesome instructor and beautiful bracelet.”

—Joyce Cook

“Thank you Natalie for a wonderful event!”

—Cheryl Wodzinski

“Learn Chemistry & Art!

“The Twisted link class was amazing! It gave me a whole new appreciation for jewelry. I left with a beautiful copper bracelet that was so intricate I couldn’t believe I made it! Natalie is not only great at explaining each step – she is so good about educating us as well. I learned lots of new terms and got a lot of knowledge on the process of metal work.

“Sensitive to different levels of experience – good!

“Sensitive to safety issues. – Good!

“I like that she didn’t do the steps for us, even though some steps were more complicated. We learned by doing. I learned how to use different types of tools and how to solder – neither of which I have ever done before.

“May have to allow a bit more time for this particular project – it may help to have some of the bands premade, so that if one breaks there is a spare so we wouldn’t have to start over. That would save some time.

“I love that you were so patient. And you definitely love what you do. Thank you, Natalie! Price is very reasonable for this handcrafted bracelet.”

—Brenda Murtha



As part of the Garage’s intent to connect creatives, and foster all varieties of right-brained activities in the Sioux Falls area, look here for happenings to spark your inner artist.

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