Fall 2023 Community Ed Classes at JOE’S Garage

All of these classes, Painting and Jewelry, will be available through the Sioux Falls Community Ed Catalog, and online in September 2023. If you have any questions about what I will cover during one of these classes, please message me and I will tell you everything you want to know!


12 Wet Watercolor Washes
Dive into the wonderful wet world of watercolor by adding these flowing backgrounds to your watercolor knowledge. These studies illustrate 12 unique ways to let water and pigment make magic on paper. After, choose 4 to make into artistic note cards!

Watch the video and then take the class!
Arches 9” x 12” Watercolor paper, juicy brushes and quality paint make this the watercolor experience you need to fall in love.

$38 Class Fee, 11/7/23 or 11/8/23  6PM-8PM

Wet Techniques that WORK
9 Watercolor tricks! Dab a perfect cloud, sprinkle frost, and blow bubbles! Each technique is perfectly paired with a likely application in these small studies. Keep the cheat sheet as is, or choose 4 to make into artistic note cards.

Watch the video and take the class!
Arches 9” x 12” Watercolor paper, juicy brushes and quality paint make this the watercolor experience that will change you forever!

$38 Class Fee, 11/1/23, 11/10/23, or 11/11/23 6PM-8PM

Oil Painting Masters START. HERE.
On a medium stretched canvas in a color-controlled exercise, explore techniques of blending, the uses of stand oil, and how to use a mop brush to achieve velvety softness. Use a palette knife to blend and apply paint in starkly contrasting textures. Finally, choose to glaze areas to vignette or alter the mood, or add a shock of metallic to give your work that certain pop! Your finished work will be a framable abstract landscape.

$39 Class Fee, 11/18/23 or 11/21/23 6PM-8PM

Itsy Bitsy Oil Painting
Explore a tiny world in oil. Pastoral or urban, we will block it out, and choose colors that create teeny tiny depth in your creation. Your canvas board doubles as a magnet, and your class fee covers the cost of your painting’s own itsy bitsy easel, too! (Frame not included)

$39 Class Fee, 11/25/23 or 11/28/23 6PM-8PM

Brain to Brush Oil Painting
Overcome whatever is standing in the way of your inner Ingres. If your van Gogh got up and went, if you want to express yourself and you can’t show me the Monet, this beginning painting class will guide you through the steps to complete a work of art! You will learn to work one color into another. Blending is the goal of this small scale first-try painting. Everything will be provided, including a tiny display easel.

$39 Class Fee, 11/14/23 or 11/16/23 6PM-8PM


Chain Gang #1: PAPERCLIP
Soldering and advanced techniques combine to create a one-of-a-kind bracelet of solid sterling silver links. Coveted ARGENTIUM will be used for strong, almost tarnish-free links. The PAPERCLIP link begins as a circle, and is pulled into shape after soldering. This gives unlimited levels of elongation, and design control, to the links. Choose from magnetic, traditional, and jig-made clasps.

$44 Class Fee, 10/10/23, 10/14/23, or 10/24/23 6PM-8PM

Also known as Whitney BOHO and Autumn Lengths, this extremely versatile jewelry concept cleverly combines 3 lengths of beaded chain to create an ensemble that takes you from summer festival to SOHO soiré. A bracelet, anklet and necklace combine to make a single dramatic chain, approximately 36” long, or a multi-wristwrap. Share the love! Bring a friend, I’ll supply the vibe. Try the ARGENTIUM NO-BEAD option for a more elegant presentation.  

Beaded Copper $42 Class Fee, Un-beaded Argentium Silver $55 Class Fee,
10/17/23 or 10/21/23 6PM-8PM

Square Forged Cuff
Blow torch­—quench—beat the anneal right outta that thing—REPEAT. Take out your frustrations on this hefty 4 gauge copper cuff. Hammer in edgy angles and personality using specialty hammers and anvils. Finish with files and rotary tools. This piece can be fire painted and varnished, or left to age naturally.

$38 Class Fee, 9/26/23 or 9/30/23 6PM-8PM

All Hallows Charms
On this night of saints and calaveras make two charms: a sweet sugar skull and a textured twisted cross. Learn to use some awesome jewelry studio tools! You will use the rolling mill, do some stamping, punching and dapping, and one solder joint.

$46 Class Fee, 10/27/23 or 10/31/23 (Trick or Treat!) 6PM-8PM