January at JOE'S

It’s a new year, a new decade, and a fresh time to feed your right brain. Get ready because great things are beginning. Couples are encouraged, bring the kids, find your ME zone, or share with friends! There are many ways to add value to your life at JOE’S Garage—February will bring cozy crafts. Watch for what interests you and register to reserve your spot. Class sizes are always small, personal attention is what it’s about.

Japanese Apron

February 5, 2020, 6PM

You’ve been to  JOE’S Garage. Jewelry is probably not your only thing. I get that, I’m like that, too. When the jewelry studio is a bit chilly I focus on cozy things.
Sewing is one of those things for me. Aprons really work, and I love a functional apron, that protects and carries, and looks good while doing it. Jewelry designers, as well as cooks, crafters, shoppers, and gardeners, will love my Japanese Apron! Its no-closure design, straight seams, and easy construction, make it a pleasure to sew. The design is one of my favorites, a stylish wardrobe go-to in 100% linen, making it beautiful and incredibly durable.

Wear your apron with jeans and a T just for fashion.  Choose from two solid colors: Sand Dove, and Blue Autumn. Please request other colors if you have a preference! Share the Japanese Apron Facebook Event with your sewing friends. 

Once you complete your Japanese Apron, you may be interested in a new EMBROIDERY PRIMERMarch 18, 6PM, offered through ComEd. Crewel embroidery is fast and unfussy. Learn key stitches in this class, and then use them to charm the pants off your apron! Apron charming not required!

If you are receiving this as an email it is because of the great time we had together at JOE’S Garage, or through a mutual meeting of creativity and sharing that helped you find your way to my list. It’s all in the MAKING, and I thank you for your past support!

Egg Gathering Apron

Class starts Thursday, Oct 10, 2019. Register here.

Egg apron

Join me in making this practical Egg Gathering Apron, though a Sioux Falls Community Ed class that I will be guiding. In 2 afternoons you will get instruction on creating the parts and assembling the pockets and ties. But mostly, we can talk CHICKEN, community, and how to be part of what’s good in this world.

The pattern will be available at class, but can be found online for free at Heart Hook Home. I recommend checking it out. Ashlea Konecny has been widely published for her homey site, her husbands recipes, and her loving HEART support.

The Mitten

Wrap and Turn

This is for those working on the traditional Scandinavian mitten pattern as new Knitter’s.

As an alternative to a Purl row, and to stabilize the point where you turn your work inside out.

Continue knitting—no purling necessary!

A New Spin

It could be said that Spinner Rings have been the backbone of JOE’S Garages jewelry classes. Over the years there have been many basic styles, with countless opportunities on which to head into another design direction. My students and commission requests have been inventive and daring. Not everything became a reality, and many of my techniques have evolved.

I still use standard plumbing copper pipe as my go-to base. It’s always nice when this can be a recycled piece =] I have tried several ways of flaring. Currently I flare with a large dapping punch. The spinners have always supplied the most opportunity for design, but recently I have begun adding color through enameling. The flared shank is unusually stable and makes an excellent base for enameling, and the colors set off the spinners beautifully!

Here are a few of my favorites:

See also this Spinner story.

What could be better than Flowers AND Jewelry?

A JOE’S Garage gift card is a reproduction of an original watercolor in a hand stamped sleeve—filled with $ to spend on

Finished JEWELRY & CLASSES at JOE’S Garage!

$10-50 of creativity will be wrapped in a rose petal envelope ready to tuck into her Mother’s Day bouquet. She can use the card anytime on jewelry and classes.

Currently these limited edition gift cards are available for pick up at my STUDIO. Use them at these future events:

JUNK FEST (June 8),

FALLS ART MARKET (3 events) all summer long!

Can’t stop by? Get a JOE’S Garage E-gift card right now!

JOE’S Garage students enjoy frequent discounts on classes, tools, and supplies, and FREE Open Studios to create!

TOP 10 Things to do at OPEN STUDIO

OPEN STUDIOS are for you, students of JOE’S Garage. Use the tools you know, connect with other artists (like yourself), and leave the expense out of this fun you-time out!

Consider doing this at an OPEN STUDIO:

  1. Put the finishing touches on ANY JOE’S Garage class project because you couldn’t finish in time since Natalie has parameter challenges.
  2. Go for a TUMBLE, because it’s so darn fun to clean ANY silver jewelry with steel pellets!
  3. GLOW in the Creative Vibe.
  4. Add a brand spanking new satin finish to a dingy old charm.
  5. LISTEN to Imagine Dragons Pandora Station.
  6. ROUND out ANY ring while taking out your pent up frustrations, with the use of one of the Studio’s Featured Mallets.
  7. FIX or REPLACE jump rings and clasps on ALL your jewelry. I have lots of chain, clasps, & ear wires. Do it DIY or do it Old School: BUY IT.
  8. RESET a stone.
  9. RE-CREATE a lost earring, or make a charm bracelet with all your Onesies.
  10. WHAT DO YOU MAKE OF THIS? I can make a brooch with a handmade PIN BACK!

Or, make something completely NEW! I can set you up!

Check the calendar for the next OPEN STUDIO.

Classes pictured above: Aluminum Kisses,
Enameled Wave Spinner, Forever Bracelet.

C’mon, Gang!

C’mon, GANG! Give me everything you’ve got. Load up on arm candy in every flavor. Ganging up textures and maximizing mass is artistically satisfying, and just plain FUN!

Shown from left : Twisted Loop Cuff silver, and copper, Tapered Finial Cuff, Etched Clasp/Catch Clasp Collectibles, Crash Bangle, One-Off Bracelet, Ball + Loop Bangles, Knotted Cord, and Charm Tapered Finial Cuff.

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved to wear multiples. Rings, bracelets, anklets, or necklaces seem to enjoy being together…on my wrist, or ankle, or wherever. It started with braided plastic gymp, embroidery floss, and thongs (be careful with that one!). But the aesthetic was not restricted to hobby store materials, it worked even better the higher up the precious scale you could climb. Pop culture chains, or fine jewelry pearls, equally got better when hanging out together.

Hope Milner, Bohemian Bracelets

In checking out Etsy offerings I found the lovely Hope Milner, owner of Bohemian Bracelets. She has a charming business story and a focused collection of bracelets that would play wonderfully with …everything I own!

I chose this bracelet group not only because it has an inspired palette, and had that Bohemian Je ne sais quoi that I love, but also because it comes as a set, and when not used as the striking 10-stack ensemble, I imagined how it would perfect a silver bangle grouping, with just the right amount of frosting. Just keep adding bohemian bands until you’re in Nirvana.

They are surprisingly reasonably priced. Check out her entire line!

10 Stretch Bracelets

10 Stretch Bracelets by Hope Milner

Ross + Simons caught my eye with their BOLO BRACELETS. you know how I can’t resist a little drape and dangle—many in their collection had both. For me this is a good example of what I’ve been missing, and I’m glad I stumbled on it. I now see that Riogrande.com does carry slider clasps, so we may have to travel a little further down this path.

When I searched for Lisa Leonard bracelets to stack on PINTEREST; because I love her, her story, her artistic style… I found her wonderful stacking children’s name rings—which I do love, but chose to don blinders for this BRACELET story.

I continued to  Pinterest’s suggestion of Lizzy James bracelets. These wrap bracelets have everything I love: a little textural contrast, a rugged yet feminine brutalisms, and even a little dangle in the Handmade tag. I also like that they use some very creative knotting without overdoing it…such a simple, yet important balance. I’d love to pair this with my INSIDE THE BOXCHAIN bracelet!

Community education in Sioux Falls is offering about 11 different bracelet classes in their Summer Catalog (see a PDF of the current catalog here) from various artist instructors. 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 53364401_10155964438091630_5150636240059498496_o.jpg

Acorn19/Bead Co.’s Ladder Bracelet Class through Sioux Falls Community Ed, with instructor and store owner Melanie Erickson, is coming up!

Her store has been in downtown Sioux Falls for 19 years, and is where I began having faith in my own jewelry design. Look for her on Etsy, and Facebook.

Several of the Community Ed projects can be either bracelets or necklaces. I speak FLEXIBLE—bring it on! One of my favorite jewelry situations is to multi-wrap a necklace into a bracelet. I will also use magnetic clasps so one long strand is comprised of a bracelet, an anklet, and a short necklace as in the <a href=”http://<a href=”http://

<a href=”http://<a href=”http://“>Whitney Chain. The best of both worlds!

When you GANG UP is it with leather and metals, beads and chains, found objects and fabric strips? Let the creativity flow!

If you have a favorite gang, snap a pic and I’ll post it here!

Thanks for viewing!

Much love and precious elemental dreams,



What a joy! What a blessing! It’s the season to celebrate family, belonging, and unity.

Silve spinner rings

Gather your sisters and mothers, your brothers and uncles, and what the heck bring your friends and neighbors too!

We hunger to surround ourselves with loved ones, but the house-guest honeymoon only lasts a short while. Share an experience with your family— together. Check out these possibilities!

Try soldered jewelry, guided painting, and ingenious Cicuit Sewing classes…or have something special designed just for your group, during your time frame.

Don’t let the short time you have with family fritter away. Make a plan, lock in a date at JOE’S Garage. Join the Google calendar for easy info on classes! Show those dear humans that you value your time with them. I promise you’ll savor the memories forever. (I take pictures!)

Click here to email me.