Music to your soul

Nobody said jewelry making had to be hard. This beautiful little Treble Clef Charm is just simple twists and turns with a few well-timed, and well-placed hammer blows to help everything stay in a nice harmonious shape.

This is what you can expect at the QUICKIE Classes scheduled for every Wednesday afternoon this fall. Just $5 per class, something different every week. Pre-registration is appreciated, but not necessary. Kits available.


Vincent Van Gogh Wheat Fields Beneath a Clouded Sky

From Brain to Brush

Overcome whatever is standing in the way of your inner Ingres. If your van Gogh got up and went, if you want to express yourself and you can’t show me the Monet, these beginner painting classes will guide you through simple steps to complete a work of art.


Nothing says artist like half-hazard paint blobs that somehow tell a beautiful story. And no better way to get into a master’s beret than to re-create each stroke.

This semi-guided acrylic exercise honors a master’s work by rebuilding a memorable painting. Requiring your hand to follow a plan, whose path your brain can later recall, equals skills added! Using these new skills will be a matter of tapping into your new muscle memory.

This journey begins with some painting mechanics and instruction. Next we will block out major areas, either by sketch or light wash. We’ll dabble a little to christen the canvas, and before you know it, you’ll have a masterwork of your own developing in front of you.

Go home with a completed 16″x20″ canvas. All supplies provided. Our first master will be: Wheat Field Under Clouded Sky by Vincent van Gogh 1890.

For more on IMPRESSIVE-ism visit My Community Ed Classes.

Faerie Tapered Finial Cuff

Tapered Finial

Greatness is in the details. Use a rolling mill to taper the ends of thick gauge fine silver wire so that you will be able to form a tight spiral on each end. Learn to anneal with a propane torch and familiarize yourself with the important differences between fine and sterling silver. Choose to texturize your cuff, and how to bring out an luscious lived-in glow.

For more info visit this class at Community Ed of Sioux Falls.

Bitty Boîte: Take $30 OFF

The actual price of this multi-skill workshop is $30 less than what was printed in the catalog!

New, offered through Sioux Falls Community Ed, Bitty Boîte WORKSHOP will greatly add to your silversmithing skills. Conventional copper plumbing pipe can be transformed into a collectible trinket box! You will create the ornamental feet to raise it off your bureau or shelf from balls of recycled sterling silver, you may choose to texturize the outer surfaces, and the opportunities to ornament the cover range from stamping and doming to adding a tiny handle. You might impress the sterling silver topped lid with my Grow Peace designed stamp.

Day 1

Preparing the pipe. Saw the pieces you will need from copper pipe, making decisions about size. Add texture, messages, or design to the side surfaces. Melt or form 3 pedestal feet.

Day 2

Preparing the top and bottom. Impress a texture to the top, stamp a message or date to the bottom or under the lid, and solder the feet in place.

Day 3

Solder. Solder the lid pieces together, solder the bottom in place, and do final finishing.

Visit Community Ed for more information.

Circuit Sewing

NEW Circuit Sewing

What’s the hardest thing about machine sewing?

Getting everything else in your life in order so you have the space and bandwidth to mentally and actually haul out all of your sewing stuff!

How cool would it be to arrive at a magical sewer’s paradise where your pre-washed and dried fabric is already cut, there is a machine pre-threaded and footed for each task, and all you have to do is follow the path? It makes a weekend project take about as long as a leisurely cup of coffee!

This might be equated to mandala coloring pages meets Marcy Tilton!

Register for either classGoverness Apron or Traditional Crafters Apron, and pick up your own Sewing Circuit Map when you get to class! The first class is October 30, 2018.

I love to sew, and I like comfortable clothes that make me feel good in my skin. I have designed some key pieces I think you’ll love! Here are two classic aprons with features you won’t find in stores.

Grab your Map! Choose the fabric kit shown, or pick from other kits (similar to the one shown on the dress form). Both sides of these reversible aprons are patterned cotton fabric, that have been washed and dried. Everything is ready, the machines are set up, and the pattern is yours to keep!

Some of the features:

  • Both aprons are reversible.
  • Kangaroo pass-through weltless-welt pocket on the Crafter’s Apron is shared by both reversible sides of the apron.
  • Easy-peasey patch pockets that practically make themselves!
  • No hems to turn anywhere!
  • No hand sewing, unless you want to add your personal surface treatment.
  • All my aprons have cell phone pockets!
  • The ties are wrap-around-to-the-front long.
  • The neck strap is adjustable.
  • Go home with a finished apron!