Vincent Van Gogh Wheat Fields Beneath a Clouded Sky

From Brain to Brush

Overcome whatever is standing in the way of your inner Ingres. If your van Gogh got up and went, if you want to express yourself and you can’t show me the Monet, these beginner painting classes will guide you through simple steps to complete a work of art.


Nothing says artist like half-hazard paint blobs that somehow tell a beautiful story. And no better way to get into a master’s beret than to re-create each stroke.

This semi-guided acrylic exercise honors a master’s work by rebuilding a memorable painting. Requiring your hand to follow a plan, whose path your brain can later recall, equals skills added! Using these new skills will be a matter of tapping into your new muscle memory.

This journey begins with some painting mechanics and instruction. Next we will block out major areas, either by sketch or light wash. We’ll dabble a little to christen the canvas, and before you know it, you’ll have a masterwork of your own developing in front of you.

Go home with a completed 16″x20″ canvas. All supplies provided. Our first master will be: Wheat Field Under Clouded Sky by Vincent van Gogh 1890.

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