in Progress

In preparation for one of my spring painting classes I’m putting myself through a 3-day, 6 hour oil painting. A labor of love. My goal for this class is first to invite would-be oil painters to the easel, and next, to offer a win—an end product to love, by starting from yummy source material.

Heavy on impact on a sofa scale, I am using a 30″ x 40″ canvas, and limiting my colors. The painting is sure to please—me at least, since it is born of an image I love.

I shot the source image of a spent dandelion, and then filtered it to obscure it.

Soft layers of blended drama create almost effortless nuance. This work-in-progress represents Day 1 and Day 2. Slide the image divider to see SOURCE PHOTO on the left and OIL PAINTING on the right.

In the subsequent class students will see works by Georgia O’Keeffe whose florals offer many wonderful examples of the techniques I feel can progress any artist’s development.

Look for my this class and all my SPRING Painting offerings in the 2023 Sioux Falls Community Ed Catalog.

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