CRASH Bangle


Soldering, working with a jig (how to make your own jig), stamping, doming, making jump rings, twisting links, annealing, finishing, and learning how to be humble in the face of endless compliments are just some of the things you will learn at this class. It was first designed to pack as many basic jewelry skills into a single project as possible, and remains THAT project. It’s gorgeous sterling, and uniquely earthy, and it gets better with age.

Crash Bangle, Wednesday, August 1, 7PM

OPEN Studio Pixie Dust

That would be the tiny sparkle of inspiration you need when you know you want to create something you’ll LOVE—at JOE’S Garage OPEN STUDIO—tonight. I have a little late-summer festival-lust fever going on. Truth be told, I loved the hippie garb and drippy-stringy jewelry as much as the music. So I will be here jamming to Pandora Woodstock, and I’ll have several LOVE bead and copper kits to make long over-the-head chains for anyone who wants that JOE VIBE but hasn’t decided on a project…but bring your rings that need to be re-rounded…oh, and that sterling piece you wanted to tumble shine…and I have repair jump rings…img_2194

This fast and simple WHITNEY chain is a Happy-Place piece. You can collect your favorite metals, colors, and textures, line them all up, and wear them as a belly chain, necklace, or multi wrap bracelet! I have made this over and over! Now I think I *need* one with red and orange…

There’s a new SPIN on Airbnb’s Experiences


Did you know the Spinner ring is now offered through Airbnb as a hosted EXPERIENCE? That’s right, the global alternative vacation resource has added activities to their list of unique visiting opportunities, and I am happy to be an Experience Host, providing a metalworking interlude to travelers’ itineraries.

I love Airbnb (more on that this FALL) and I love spinner rings! Now there are so many styles, and you can make them all at a great introductory price.

Those who find this EXPERIENCE on their Airbnb app, or at, will only find out about the WAVE Spinner, but I’d like to offer all previous students their choice of spinner styles: Wave, Patterned wire, or Simple (single or multiple).

You must enroll through Airbnb.

Fork hook

Now here’s a favorite: come make a Fork Hook. I love these for their nostalgic elegance and strength.

Adventurous metalsmiths can create a Tension Hinge Bracelet. These are intriguing and beautiful in copper and sterling.

See the return of the popular Trajectory Earrings.


Layered Metals Charm, and the CRASH Course Bracelet, so-named for the number of techniques piled into its delicate cleverness are also perfect for those wanting to get serious about soldering.