OPEN Studio Pixie Dust

That would be the tiny sparkle of inspiration you need when you know you want to create something you’ll LOVE—at JOE’S Garage OPEN STUDIO—tonight. I have a little late-summer festival-lust fever going on. Truth be told, I loved the hippie garb and drippy-stringy jewelry as much as the music. So I will be here jamming to Pandora Woodstock, and I’ll have several LOVE bead and copper kits to make long over-the-head chains for anyone who wants that JOE VIBE but hasn’t decided on a project…but bring your rings that need to be re-rounded…oh, and that sterling piece you wanted to tumble shine…and I have repair jump rings…img_2194

This fast and simple WHITNEY chain is a Happy-Place piece. You can collect your favorite metals, colors, and textures, line them all up, and wear them as a belly chain, necklace, or multi wrap bracelet! I have made this over and over! Now I think I *need* one with red and orange…

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