Bitty Boîte: Take $30 OFF

The actual price of this multi-skill workshop is $30 less than what was printed in the catalog!

New, offered through Sioux Falls Community Ed, Bitty Boîte WORKSHOP will greatly add to your silversmithing skills. Conventional copper plumbing pipe can be transformed into a collectible trinket box! You will create the ornamental feet to raise it off your bureau or shelf from balls of recycled sterling silver, you may choose to texturize the outer surfaces, and the opportunities to ornament the cover range from stamping and doming to adding a tiny handle. You might impress the sterling silver topped lid with my Grow Peace designed stamp.

Day 1

Preparing the pipe. Saw the pieces you will need from copper pipe, making decisions about size. Add texture, messages, or design to the side surfaces. Melt or form 3 pedestal feet.

Day 2

Preparing the top and bottom. Impress a texture to the top, stamp a message or date to the bottom or under the lid, and solder the feet in place.

Day 3

Solder. Solder the lid pieces together, solder the bottom in place, and do final finishing.

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