Watercolor WASH-TALK: Tell your story

Say it beautifully! Community Ed’s Watercolor Wash Talk is an intro to watercolor washes, that has the added benefit of hand lettering thrown in! Each of these art forms is deep and far reaching and that path begins here.

Using Arches watercolor paper for washes will show you how much the paper plays into your final work. You will learn how to push and pull color and effects exactly where you want them, and how to remove color if needed.

We will practice a few resist techniques and ways to create planned but unexpected beauty. Everything you learn will add to your watercolor skills for future projects that may go beyond our background studies.

Next, you will receive your own Fudenosuke brush pen, designed for brush lettering, and practice sheets for hand lettering. There are some key practices that differentiate handwriting from hand lettering. We will hit as many as possible on the practice sheets, and work toward lettering your own name, and then a quote, verse or meme to complete your Wash Talk art piece. You will have 4 postcard size washes to work with.

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