Pointer’s Ridge Pre-post

Here is my plein air take on Deb Klebanoff’s The Retreat at Pointer’s Ridge in Baltic.

A few of us have been planning and prepping for months to take our “craft” out to the solitude of the Retreat, because Melanie of Community Ed dreamed of getting mind and body creatives together where everyone can benefit from the NATURE and the NURTURE that can happen.

And now we are here, it’s on Saturday! As of this writing there are 3 spots open!

If you’re reading this via JOE’S Garage I know you’ll love this day.

There is an easy schedule of mind-pampering, and body-friendly things to do from 8:30am to 4pm. It’s all geared for a WELL you. Attend at will, or wander:

8:30AM Morning Mingle

9:00AM Gentle Yoga Stretch & Meditation with Maria Travers. I am looking forward to this already! I have gotten away from yogo, but to get back to it at the grounds of the Retreat will be amazing.

10:30AM Intro to Journaling Techniques and Journal Creations by Bound to Journal. I saw these very creative journals, they’re created from unusual repurposed pages, and they guide you through—you’ll never have artists block again!

12:00PM Lunch and Learn – Bring your lunch! Enjoy a dessert created for you by local author Lonnette Kelley. She will be discussing her culinary travels in her book Day Trips. I love to travel, too but I’m sad to say I have not explored our area more. Day trips sounds like a meaningful and yummy plan!

1:30PM Painting en Plein Air with Natalie Sorenson— that’s me! Think Bubbles, Blooms and Clouds. Be happy to sit inside with a view to paint, or paint shoulder to shoulder with me just outside, or take a pochade box out into the wild—just be back in time for Boho Bracelets!

3:00PM Boho Bracelets with Acorn19, this is Melanie—I won’t let you miss this jewelry lover’s treat!

4-5 Mix & Mingle around the grounds.

Hope to see you there!

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