Screw Winter

My good friend, Andy, shared her nieces during the spring of covid. You can’t see it, but I added a face shield to my glasses in order to speak during classes.
Ali takes a shot at a guerilla birthday during Covid-19.

Hello my Friends,

I have had so many false starts since Covid hit, I gave up and crawled under my rock. I managed, I persevered…I had no imminent reason to fear the worst, and yet, the looming continued for all of us, anyway. The cycle of dread, paranoia, and inexplicable imperviousness left me feeling adrift. 

Early on I went through the motions of staying uninfected, and my husband and I continue still to fly under the radar. In late December our three living parents were not able to, and caught the covid, though each of them came through well, I am very happy to say. Like everyone, we look forward to the day we can hug and hang out again.

During optimistic paranoia, I revamped my studio to accommodate a limited number of students in relative safety, and then cancelled most of my classes. Then I reconsidered, and added classes. Community Ed then issued guidelines to cancel…and so it went, back and forth.

During a bout of imperviousness I substitute taught as an art teacher at Roosevelt High School, filling in during the fall for a soon-mom-to-be. Great experience! Loved it.

In the space between, I have been thankful for evil screens that connect me to family, growing grandsons, grocery shopping, and church; for computer-based freelance work, big windows, and the safety of the capsule of a vehicle. I miss touching, and I’m not even all that touchy-feely. 

I have been blessed to be able to continue with my creative loves. And I have been humbled to know with certainty that given the chance to apply myself wholly to an endeavor of worth I will ultimately miss my mark. AND that hope springs eternal, and here we are…

I am looking forward SO much to spring, and our new world, and fresh direction. I plan to open my studio garage again this April with a focus on casting and private classes. Let me know you’re out there, share your journey. It’s been too long! Forgive me for dropping the ball, and thank you to all of you who picked it up. You know who you are.

I’m still at the same site. Stop by and leave a message, or drive by and toot or text!

Screw winter! Spring is Coming!

Love to you,

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  1. My daughters and I were there last year for my birthday. We had so much fun. With covid I haven’t seen them in quite some time other then video calls. Maybe someday we will be able to come visit your shop again


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