Lent Fabric Painting

Meditative Mantra Mandala—that sums up the goal, vehicle, and choreography of this focus on Jesus’ Temptation from Matthew 4.
A lovely group of ZOOM attendees followed a path to complete a painted dish towel that will hang as a memory of that event. My hope is that focused meditation, aided by simple repetitive brush strokes, will forge our prayers in other parts of our brain (and heart) through the motions, and our other sensory experiences. Beyond reading and hearing, by seeing the symbols formed by the painted strokes, praying while smelling the acrylic medium, searching for understanding and enlightenment while being aware of others completing these same steps, I have faith a deeper connection is made.
I am moved by each artist’s devotion. It was challenging, and scary, to present a class with such an important message.

WWJD? He would, he did, sacrifice all.

Black T-shirt version

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