Une Table Pour Une Personne

I’m on day 144 of my Duolingo French training. That’s what I did during Covid. That, and I learned to cook. Anyway, I learned basic things like: dry your meat before you brown it, and never over cook it. The cheery owl in the track suit expands my mind, and Dinnerly expands my waist. C’est la vie, or C’est ma vie.

Spring is around the corner, and I have set a table for one…and deux. All of my classes are naturally spaced at extreme ends of my 8 foot work table for small groups of like-tribe—as we refer to those we maintain hugging status with. A few more than 2 may also work. Serendipitously, we often wear protective eyewear, masks, and gloves anyway, so it’s all good!

Bienvenue! Welcome to the Garage. On the menu this season is Soldering with a side of Dandelion Seed charms, a refreshing New Leaf Enameling exploration, and the House Specialty: SPINNER RINGS. All through Sioux Falls Community Ed.


Welcome to the Garage.

Silversmithing classes for the more serious, the connoisseur, are available á la carte, by the hour, and in a veritable feast of courses to accommodate your tastes and schedule. Sorry, take-out, and delivery are not available, though you can stop by for a taste anytime! Please call ahead!

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