Jewelry Designer’s Dream Template

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Imagine planning a surface texture on various widths of bands. The widths are true to scale.
There are several bands ready to use as stock patterns, pre-measured for size 7.
Wax carvers, and casters will appreciate the 3-perspective planning space on ring shanks.

The jewelry design process is painstakingly meticulous, and beautiful. Jump right to BEAUTIFUL! 
I made this sheet of half-sketched ring design blanks to facilitate my own designing. Use these true-to-size templates to quickly sketch your ideas for band rings, stone set rings, and wax carved, signet style rings.

Jump right into designing the fun part! From basic to nearly fully developed—begin sketching on a template blank from a point of precision.

Here the shaded circle is the finger hole at a nearly perfect size 7. Now, slide the frame!

You are welcome to photocopy yours for your own use. Please share this link with anyone you think may also like this shortcut to BEAUTIFUL design.

At least a dozen blanks to sketch, cut out, and build on.
Included are 6mm and 8mm gem dummies to use as guides for size, shape, and aesthetic.
Blank bands, shanks, and mounting areas, to get you to your finished vision.

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